Ogden Valley Land Trust - Preservation Preservation Stewardship

Established in April 1998 by a group of dedicated landowners and residents, The Ogden Valley Land Trust is interested in preserving Ogden Valley’s unique complexion of pristine natural resources, scenic vistas, agricultural and rural lifestyles, and expansive open spaces.

Dedicated members of the first Ogden Valley Land Trust
board felt that the most effective way to protect these vital assets was through the formation of a legally recognized non-profit land trust—thus The Ogden Valley Land Trust was created.

Conservation easements are voluntary contracts
between landowners and a charitable organization like The Ogden Valley Land Trust. Landowners may place, and the trust holds, permanent restrictions on the
future use of some or all of their property in order to protect scenic, historic, cultural, recreational, wildlife, ecological, and/or agricultural resources.

The Trust coordinates and works in partnership
with other organizations, public and private, also
interested in preserving and protecting open space so it will continue to be part of our community and the citizens lives who reside here. The Trust is active in the community, working to educate the public,
community planners and our elected representatives on the issues and options the surrounding benefits of wise land use planning and the value of conservation easements as a part of the planning process and finalized general plans.