We are a local nonprofit charitable organization that holds voluntary conservation easements for landowners who wish to protect and preserve their property while retaining ownership.

Conservation easements may benefit landowners by creating immediate tax benefits created from initial easement donations, savings to heirs on inheritance taxes and annual property tax savings.

Ogden Valley Land Trust can advise landowners regarding the advantages and benefits of conservation easements even as the land remains in private ownership.

There are many options and types of easements. Easements may be custom designed to fit the individual conservation objectives, financial needs and desires of landowners and their heirs.

Ogden Valley Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization with local landowners and residents acting as its trustees. The trust currently holds conservation easements on several thousand pristine acres within Ogden Valley and the surrounding area. The trust acts as a steward in perpetuity and depends on donations to manage and maintain its easements as legally designed and designated.